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Shi Jianmin

Shi Jianmin - Untitled, 2012, table and six stools, stainless steel, Table dimensions 94 L x 40 1/4 W x 29 H inches, Stools - dimensions 20 H x 15 1/2 W width=

Shi Jianmin is one of the most respected artists in China. His work includes fine art, design, architecture and landscape design. He was born in Xi’an in 1962, graduated from the Xi’an Art School in 1982 and completed his studies at the Central Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 1986. Shi Jianmin creates his works through the fusion of form, sentiment and poetry. In his designs, the artistic concept is dominant and the functionality of the object is often subdued by the sculptural form. An intangible feeling is created through the combination of different elements. This way of expressing his concepts has enabled the artist to lay bare his individualism and provide his work with freedom of space. Shi Jianmin’s work has gone through a variety of phases. A connection to tradition and a desire for modernity are two elements of Shi Jianmin’s visual experience.

Bio source: Ammann Gallery, Germany